National Center for Global Health and Medicine
Secretary-general, Central Biobank of NCBN / M.D., D.Phil., Director, Department of Gene Diagnostics and Therapeutics  Dr. Norihiro Kato
Poster Display Booth:  C-27
Poster Display:   3 days
Date: May 13 (Wed)  15:45 ~ 16:15        Venue: ACA-1
Title: Activity and perspective of National Center Biobank Network
Outlines/Features of Research
NCBN was formally established in 2011. Each National Center has collected fine bio-resources and their associated medical records in collaboration with affiliated institutions, and has vigorously performed joint research with the academic and private organizations. It copes with not only basic research but also research of drug discovery, and pursues it toward the bed-side, clinical application.
Differences with Conventional/Competitive Technologies
The National Center Biobank Network (NCBN) is composed of 6 National Centers and plays a key role in a national undertaking of biobank. NCBN has three distinctive features: (1) collection of tissues and body fluids from patients, (2) possession of fine, traceable medical records and (3) collaborative efforts of hospital and research institute on planning and dissemination of medical-care policy.
Expected Applications
In the use of bio-resources and their associated medical records that are collected in NCBN, personalized medicine and genomic drug discovery constitute a principal application field. Research of personalized medicine is undertaken to find a clue linking disease and genetic/genomic information, while that of genomic drug discovery is followed to pursue the underlying mechanisms and therapeutics.
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Tel: 81-3-3202-7181 (2854)
1982-1988 School of Medicine, University of Tokyo
1993-1997 Graduate School of Clinical Medicine, the University of Oxford, Awarded degree of D. Phil.
1997-1998 Research Associate, Graduate School of Human and Environmental Studies, Kyoto University
1998-2000 Assistent Professor, Teikyo University School of Medicine
2000-2010 Director, Dept. of Gene Diagnostics and Therapeutics, Research Institute, International Medical Center of Japan
2010-Present Director, Dept. of Gene Diagnostics and Therapeutics, Research Institute, National Center for Global Health and Medicine
Main Research Subject: Personalized medicine and clinical genome epidemiology of cardiovascular disease
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